How to choose the right SEO strategy? - How to choose the right SEO strategy? -

How to choose the right SEO strategy?

Looking to start SEO for your business website? Not sure what to do? Let’s see if we can help. Adapting the right SEO Strategy will make a big difference to your business leads. There are two different types of SEO strategies: Local and Global.


Local SEO: This strategy is helpful when you are only operating in one city or a specific area. It will involve keywords pertaining to your city. For example: home builders Toronto, TV repair Regina…. Basically adding the name of city or area in the search phrase. Local SEO can rank your site for target keywords on top faster as the competition in most cases is low compared to when targeting nationally or globally.


Global SEO: Global SEO or Nationwide SEO strategy involves optimization without targeting specific city or area. It will involve generic keywords such as: home builders, TV repair, app development company and so on. Global SEO will take considerable time to rank your site on top  as now you are not just competing with your local competition.


Both strategies, however do get tricky at one point and that is: GEOLOCATION! As we all know search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing monitor your location and serve you search results based on your area and preferences. To simplify:

Let’s say you are located in Toronto and search for “app development”. In the search results you will see Toronto firms, firms from other Canadian cities, and firms that are based in the US and other countries. That is because those firms who are not local have mixed their SEO strategy to target locally and globally. And thats what we call GOLOCAL.


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