Native Mobile Apps or Web Based Apps for Your Business Native Mobile Apps or Web Based Apps for Your Business

Native Mobile Apps vs. Web Based Mobile Apps

So you are thinking of developing a mobile app for your business. Not sure, how to proceed? We can help!!! Few basic things to keep in mind when looking to get a mobile app developed for your business.

Information Updates: Will you be updating the information provided in apps regularly? Will you need to make changes to the previous information? Will you need to add/edit/cancel promotions?

Speed: How important is speed and performance to you? Will you need to load data from the server?

Monetizing the App: Do you plan to run ads in your app?

Design Differences: Do you want a universal design or layout of the apps across all platforms? Or do you want to have independent designs for iOS and Android?


In conclusion, each type of mobile app has its pros and cons. If you need to maintain/update or make regular changes to the information you provide to your app users, then web based app is the way to go. Only drawback could be lack of internet access. Web based apps are dependent on internet connection and speed of loading data also depends on the connection speed.

On the other hand, native mobile apps take advantage of device specific features, load faster and are not dependent on internet for the most part. Drawback is that every time there is an information update, app user has to update the mobile app version. Native apps are more costly to develop and will require developer’s assistance to make changes or do version updates.

We understand this can be a very difficult decision for you to make and that is where we come in. We have your best interest at heart. We will analyse your business’s requirements and give you the correct guidance. Our success lies in happy clients. For honest and bias free mobile app development consultations, call Adaptive Web Media in Regina, Saskatchewan.

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