Search Engine Optimization - Improving Your Website's ranking in Google

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Why does your business website need search engine optimization?

Organic Search Traffic

Generate Leads Economically

Increase Brand Awareness

Builds Customer Trust

Search Engine Optimization is as important as paid advertising in Google, YouTube or Facebook.

Search Engine Optimization brings sales leads from generic search results. Imagine, how often do you scroll past the ads at top of a Google search and go down to local business listings?  We’ll help you improve your site’s organic traffic and conversions with an ongoing SEO strategy. We can promote your site in generic search engine results along with Google ads and Google maps. 

Technical SEO

It’s essential to keep on top of your site’s health. You want to make it as simple as possible for users, and Google, to access web content. Technical SEO looks at indexation issues, broken links and crawl anomalies. We use Google products, like Search Console, as well as third-party tools to monitor and manage your website’s health and keep on top of it. *Statistics collected from

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How can SEO help your with leads?

The image on the right displays a Google search for “pest management regina” and it shows two sections highlighted:

  1. Sponsored ads
  2. Local business listings

In the first (Sponsored) section, Orkin is paying for their ad to show up at top. If a user clicked on their ad, Orkin will pay the Pay Per Click cost set in the back-end of Google Ads.

In the second (Businesses) section, you can see our clients Premier Pest Management and Safetech Pest Control showing up at top of organic search results. If a user clicked on their listing, they will not pay anything for that click.

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