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We offer high-quality graphic design services to our customers, from brand identity to print design.


Your visual story is so much more than a logo. A successful identity goes far beyond logo design to create a brand that encompasses the values and personality of its product. Decide first and foremost what you want your brand to be.

We radiate what makes you unique, because what makes your product special is our driving force. We understand that this journey is personal and want to use what makes you memorable as a way to be noticed over all others.


Not all design is created equal, and understanding the difference between a logo and branding is a vital part of the process. A logo should be strong and timeless, but also versatile and easy to use with individual product ranges.

Furthermore, it should be able to represent your company years into the future. Your branding is there to evolve with you as a business. Your branding, however, will evolve with you, your products and your customer’s desires.

Starting with a marketing exploration can clearly define your target market. This step optimises time and budgets by having a clear plan for connecting your branding and packaging design. A marketing strategy then clearly identifies your target consumer and the best channels and opportunities to connect with them.

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Branding and marketing solutions

Innovative, contemporary communication solutions

A cross-section of disciplines from our team’s diverse portfolio

Opportunities to build your business and expand your reach

Marketing tools and tactics aligned with your strategic business goals, objectives and target market


Our team would like the opportunity to meet and hear about your product. Don’t just slap anything together, don’t procrastinate and let someone else take your position of the shelf. Create the right foundation from the start to ensure your product will triumph and you succeed as a leader in your industry.

The product sector is a fierce one and we want you to have the upper hand. Start with a free consultation.

Working with some branding and design agencies can feel impersonal; at Graphic Design Australia we achieve great results with a personal touch. We welcome you to visit our studio and even sit alongside our team if you wish, because in our experience it’s through creating a true partnership that we achieve the best outcomes for our clients.

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