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We are IT specialists providing technical solutions to businesses in the UK

Located in Salisbury, Southampton and Bristol, Blue Frontier has a dedicated team of in-house IT experts with decades of experience working with local, regional and national businesses.

We diagnose IT issues on a daily basis and provide routine software and hardware support. We also provide consultation on implementing new systems and contingency planning. Whatever your business needs, we can provide you with a bespoke solution to support your business.

Steps to success

Because we aren’t a certification body, we can offer you the full ISO consultancy support that you need to prepare for a final audit. First, you will be audited to assess areas that are outstanding and we’ll provide you with a report and discuss how you need to improve.

Policy Writing

We can ensure that all company policies and procedures meet the ISO quality standard requirements and drive continual improvement.

Gap Analysis

We’ll conduct a full gap analysis to compare your QMS with the ISO standard requirements and report on areas that need improvement.


We’ll make recommendations for how you can improve and what you need to implement to achieve the standard.


Our ISO consultancy team will provide all necessary training to ensure that procedures are being implemented by employees.

Information Management Systems

We’ll apply a digital management system that simplifies all documentation and stores all policies and procedures in a record for your auditors.

Systems Implementation

Our ISO consultants will put in place the systems you need to achieve accreditation. This can be anything from server infrastructure to secure networking

How we work with you

With every mock-up, prototype and design concept, we’ll get your feedback so that you stay at the heart of the design process. We find that collaboration between you and our web design and development team is the most effective way to drive success. So, you’ll be able to chat to the team as much you need to fine tune those designs and complete your website.


After gaining a strong understanding of your brand, your market place and your objectives, we define your site structure and key user journeys using wireframes. Most big decisions are made during this process to ensure that users’ needs are met on each page of your website.

Identity & Design

Upon approval we introduce visual assets and real content to the wireframes, applying colour palettes to bring the designs to life. We work with new or existing branding guidelines to deliver you our vision whilst allowing you to influence and support the design process.

Build & Development

The build process is carefully managed between our design and development teams. We will build your project to meet exacting design standards and achieve optimum efficiency before it is handed to the QA team for sign off before launch!

Take advantage of our IT support services

Rapid Response

Get any IT issue resolved quickly and keep your business moving. You need the specialist support at your fingertips to prevent disruption and we have engineers who support businesses every day to fix problems as soon as possible.

Minimise Downtime

Make sure your IT systems are stable and reliable with regular maintenance and monitoring. We’ll look after this for you to protect your business against threats and we’ll deal with problems before they pose a risk.

Mitigate Risk

We work in a threatening cyber environment, with viruses and malware posing an everyday risk. These risks are entirely manageable through routine maintenance, patching and best practice. We’re experienced in identifying vulnerabilities and implementing improved security measures to stop these threats.

Future Proof Your Business

Make the most of new technology to drive your business forward. We don’t just provide IT support, we help you evolve with it. We’re up-to-date with the latest technologies and can help improve business performance and efficiency through technology.

We are more than just your web design team

We care about your success. We’re here to help you attract customers online. From the start, we’ll take the time to learn about your business and understand your brand and objectives, so that we can design the best website for you.

Take advantage of our IT support services


Use Cisco to manage network infrastructures, applications and tools. We’re experienced in Cisco switching, routing, firewalls and more.


A popular infrastructure platform, VMware offers network virtualisation that lets you manage and connect apps across clouds and devices. Utilise our experience in VMware vSan, clusters and maintenance.


The leading software provider, our staff are fluent in all Microsoft products, offering support in Hyper-V, SQL, Server Migration and more.

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